Academic Support

Numerous academic resources, advising and support programs are available to help students navigate the Harvey Mudd curriculum. These include the Writing Center; the first-semester Pass/Fail grading system; Academic Excellence, a student-led tutoring program; proctors (seniors who serve as personal and academic counselors for dorm residents); and the Academic Advising program.

Additionally, Mudd students support one another through the collaborative nature of the College’s academic program. Much of the work can be done in teams or groups. Most Harvey Mudd students rarely do homework by themselves or work on problem sets alone. Thanks to a noncompetitive academic environment, group assignments at Mudd are pleasant experiences where peers encourage one another and everyone is motivated to put forth their best effort.

Academic Advising

Students may have up to four assigned faculty academic advisors during their Harvey Mudd career.

First-year Faculty Advisor

Assigned at the beginning of a student’s first year. Advisors assist with selecting courses and adjusting to campus life. They advise the student on second- and third-semester registration (and possibly on fourth semester for those yet to declare a major). First-year faculty advisors remain with the student until a major is selected.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts (HSA) Advisor

Assigned during the middle of a student’s first year. The HSA advisor’s role is to ensure the student fulfills the HSA requirements of the curriculum. The HSA advisor remains with the student until graduation.

Major Advisor

Assigned after a student officially declares a major. The major advisor ensure that his/her student completes the departmental requirements needed to graduate. The major advisor also advises students about elective courses and research that will help determine the focus of the student’s senior research project. The major advisor remains with the student until graduation.

Clinic/Thesis Advisor

Assigned once a student’s senior research project is decided. In some cases, the major advisor and Clinic/thesis advisor may be the same faculty member. The Clinic/thesis advisor helps the student throughout the senior research project.

Additionally, students often make connections and develop mentor/mentee relationships with other staff and faculty members.

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