Joint Major in Mathematics and Physics

The fields of physics and mathematics have been closely intertwined, with significant influences on each other, for hundreds of years.  Numerous courses and research programs at Harvey Mudd draw heavily on both disciplines.  The Joint Major in Mathematics and Physics highlights the intersections between physics and mathematics while preparing a student with solid foundations in both fields.  Graduates of this program should be well positioned for further study in physics or mathematics, or for immediate employment.

The major is cooperatively administered by the Mathematics and Physics departments, and students have faculty advisors in both departments.  Students complete courses from the mathematics and physics major sequences, as well as a required course in computational techniques relevant to the field.  Each student must complete a capstone (thesis or clinic), which may be chosen from either department’s offerings.

Course Requirements

Mathematics Courses (18.5 units)

Physics Courses (19 units)

Joint Course Requirements (8 or 9 units)

Computational or Analytical Methods

One of

Capstone Research

Two semesters of capstone research experience in physics or mathematics, taken as one of the following four options:

Mathematics Clinic
Two semesters of Mathematics 197
Physics Clinic
Physics 193 and Physics 194
Mathematics Thesis
Two semesters of Mathematics 193
Physics Thesis Research
Three units each of Physics 191 and Physics 192

Students completing a thesis follow the practices and guidelines of the thesis advisor’s department.


Suggested math and physics electives of interest (not part of the major):

Study Abroad Considerations

The following applies only to students who will be studying abroad for a semester in their junior or senior year: