Summer Mathematics

Summer Math is an opportunity to take certain elective math classes in the summer. Course information is available below.

Session I: May 23 – July 1

3-Week Courses May 23 - June 10
6-Week Courses May 23 - July 1
MATH055 HM: Discrete MathematicsMATH055 HM: Discrete Mathematics
MATH178 HM: Nonlinear Data AnalyticsMATH082 HM: Differential Equations
MATH188 HM: Social Choice and Decision Making
MATH189R HM: Mathematics of Big Data, I

Session II: June 13 – July 22

3-Week Courses June 13- July 1
MATH189AF HM: Mathematics for Human Flourishing

How much does it cost? Is financial aid available?

Summer 2022 cost and Financial Aid details are available on the HMC’s Summer Session Page.

Full details and registration information are available on the HMC’s Summer Session Page.