Academic Emphases at Harvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd offers two emphases, Data Science and Environmental Analysis.  An emphasis is a coordinated program of courses in addition to the major that allows students to concentrate on and gain expertise in a specific area of interest. Within each emphasis, students have the opportunity to choose electives that align with their learning goals, acquire specialized knowledge and skills, and gain a range of perspectives within the broader fields of data science or environmental analysis. A completed emphasis appears on a student’s official transcript upon graduating.

Emphasis in Data Science

Student looks at charts on a computer screen in a computer lab.

Harvey Mudd College has long been a leader in educating students in subjects fundamental to data science and is guided by our mission to educate leaders who understand the impact of their work on society. The Emphasis in Data Science guides students toward data-scientific curriculum opportunities and practical data-rich experiences across the college in a coherent and cohesive manner.

The Emphasis in Data Science allows students majoring in the sciences, engineering and mathematics the opportunity to apply data-scientific approaches across a variety of applications and understand their work from a range of perspectives, so they may best evaluate their impact on society and the world.

Emphasis Requirements

Emphasis in Environmental Analysis

Lelia Hawkins and a student review data collection on a laptop in the desert.

Environmental analysis fits exceptionally well within the Harvey Mudd College mission to train students who combine technical rigor and engagement with pressing social issues. There has always been a significant demand for environmental courses, research experiences, and Clinics at the College. The emphasis in environmental analysis provides a curricular program to help students move through their environmental studies in a coherent and cumulative fashion.

The emphasis in environmental analysis allows students majoring in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics the opportunity to address environmental issues from a range of perspectives so that they may better understand the impact of their work.

Emphasis Requirements

Alumni Story

Six people sit on a stage looking at Prya Donti who is talking into a mic.

Priya Donti: Scientist and Visionary

Priya Donti ’15 is making good on her promise to address global warming and the energy crisis.