Research at Harvey Mudd College

A recipient of the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Award for the Integration of Research and Education, Harvey Mudd College has long recognized the importance of collaborative student-faculty research, setting aside nearly $3 million annually for the purpose.

The Discovery of New Knowledge Remains a Top Priority

We offer undergraduates unique, hands-on laboratory and field experience usually reserved for graduate students. Anchored by a research-supportive curriculum, our students pursue research during their entire time at Harvey Mudd. They collaborate with faculty both during the academic year and in the summer through the Harvey Mudd Summer Research Program. In addition, several academic majors require senior research.

Our professors believe research is an extremely powerful teaching tool that leads to students’ disciplinary learning and professional and personal growth well beyond traditional classroom settings. Our students and faculty collaborate on many projects that are presented jointly at professional scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed journals, and both have been honored with distinguished national awards.

Presentation Days

Student research is an integral part of the Harvey Mudd College experience, and during Presentation Days each spring, the entire College community is invited to celebrate students’ original projects in design or research. Students in every major discipline—biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, plus the humanities, social sciences and the arts—present research done with a faculty member or work that is part of a class project.