Sub-Award Agreements for Research

In the case of a sub-award (where Harvey Mudd College is the lead institution), the sub-award institution(s) will be required to enter into a sub-award agreement with Harvey Mudd. The director of foundation relations is responsible for creating the sub-award agreement document, securing the necessary signatures and establishing the mechanism at The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) so that payments may be made to the sub-award institution(s).

The Harvey Mudd College principal investigator is responsible for monitoring progress and compliance in the sub-award. In addition, he or she must review and approve all requests for reimbursement by the sub-award institution(s). For this reason, these requests (invoices) are to be sent to the College principal investigator who then relays them to TCCS through his or her departmental administrative aide. The administrative aide will complete an RFC (request for check) and forward it to TCCS for payment to the sub-award institution(s).

In cases where a Harvey Mudd faculty member intends to receive funding through a sub-award from another institution, the College (sub-award) proposal and budget must go through the institutional approval process, using the proposal routing form.