Clinic Program

The Clinic Program, a pioneering program of collaboration between industry and Harvey Mudd College that has been a hallmark of this institution for more than 50 years, engages juniors and seniors in the solution of real-world, technical problems for industrial clients. Clinic allows students to apply their academic experience in partnership with a corporate sponsor.

Students work in teams to complete computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or multidisciplinary projects. For many students, these projects serve as their senior capstone experience. The program includes a Global Clinic option, preparing students for the future challenges of practicing engineering, science and mathematics in a global context.

How it Works

Students work in groups of four or five under the guidance of a student project manager (team leader), a faculty advisor and a liaison from the sponsoring organization. Projects begin in September, involve about 1,200 to 1,500 work hours and are completed the following May.

The sponsor’s liaison outlines the project requirements, approves the team’s proposal for accomplishing the work and receives weekly progress reports. In most cases, the student team visits the sponsoring company in the fall semester to learn about the technology or to give a design review to senior officials, then returns in May to present the final results.

Clinic teams present their results during public forums held on campus and submit final written reports to the sponsoring organization upon completion of the project. Sponsors retain full rights to all intellectual property developed by the team.

Email or call 909.607.7015 for more information, or feel free to connect directly with any of the Clinic directors or the director of corporate relations.