Clinic Program

A Pioneering Collaboration

The Clinic Program, a pioneering program of collaboration between industry and Harvey Mudd College that has been a hallmark of this institution for more than 50 years, engages juniors and seniors in the solution of real-world, technical problems for industrial clients. Clinic allows students to apply their academic experience in partnership with a corporate sponsor.

Students work in teams to complete computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or multidisciplinary projects. For many students, these projects serve as their senior capstone experience. The program includes a Global Clinic option, preparing students for the future challenges of practicing engineering, science and mathematics in a global context.

How it Works

  • Sponsors develop a project outline with goals
  • Sponsors retain full rights to all intellectual property developed by the team.
  • Working with a dedicated liaison from the sponsor, teams are supported by a faculty advisor 
  • Projects run September through May
  • Teams spend 1,200 to 1,500 hours total working toward a solution and deliverables 
  • Students and faculty advisors routinely sign NDAs 

Email or call 909.607.7015 for more information, or feel free to connect directly with any of the directors.