Impact on Society

Mission-driven learning

The mission of the Harvey Mudd College Global Clinic Program is to prepare Harvey Mudd students as leaders who understand the impact of their work on society. Clinic is at the core of providing students perspective on how their work impacts their community and the world. Working with industry is a cornerstone of Clinic, but in recent years, the college added two programs: one is designed to engage students with smaller non-profit organizations, the other helps them gain an understanding of what it is like to work in a global context.

Social Justice Clinic

Like many college students, Harvey Mudd students are concerned about social justice, and look for ways to apply their skills in ways that can support societal inequities and the threats to our natural world that impact us all. In 2018, the college launched a program to commit to two Social Justice Clinics each year to provide technical support to community-based organizations working in areas including educational, environmental, economic and social justice.

Global Clinic

Global Clinic, established in 2005, prepares students for the future challenges of practicing engineering, science and mathematics in a global context. This program supports the activities associated with undertaking several yearlong, industry-sponsored global engineering and science projects in which teams of Harvey Mudd students collaborate with teams of students from international partner schools with particular emphasis on partnerships in Singapore, China, India, Japan and Israel, with future plans to expand into South America and Europe.