English Language Learning

Harvey Mudd College recognizes that experience with more than one language or culture can influence an individual’s use of English, placing increased demands on the person. Developing familiarity with the writing conventions of and meeting audience expectations for academic American English can require extended time and interactive experience. Students with multicultural/multilingual backgrounds can benefit from intensive interpersonal exchange negotiating meaning in the target language.

As assistant director of learning programs for multilingual writing, Suzanne Fontaine provides individualized writing support for both domestic and international students whose English may be influenced by more than one language or culture. While most students who meet with her one-on-one are multilingual, with English being a second or additional language, some are native speakers of English, and some are monolingual. Since both culture and language have a bearing on writing, Fontaine addresses both cultural and linguistic influences on the use of English. She assists students with all stages of the writing process, with any aspect of composing or operating in English, and with the diverse challenges of cultural adjustment.

Suzanne Fontaine meets mostly with students in Introduction to Academic Writing (Writ 1 and 1E) and Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts (HSA) 10, but also with students beyond their first year. She works closely with faculty and the Writing Center to create a seamless experience for students as they navigate the web of support that the College provides.