Summer Session at Mudd

Take Harvey Mudd College Online Courses This Summer

Augment your skills and ignite your intellectual curiosity by enrolling in the Summer Session at Harvey Mudd College. This summer, Harvey Mudd students, other Claremont College students and those from other local colleges, ambitious high school juniors (including rising Juniors) and seniors, visiting scholars and other lifelong learners can take advantage of Harvey Mudd’s exceptional faculty to study selected courses in the humanities, the social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. Join us this summer and experience Harvey Mudd College’s strong institutional culture of academic excellence and innovation. Due to COVID-19, we anticipate the program will remain online for summer 2021.

All courses are transcripted using semester credit hours.

College Credit

All courses earn HMC academic credit and, for HMC degree-seeking students, are applicable toward degree requirements. The maximum number of credits for which a degree-seeking college/university student may register during the summer is nine (9). We encourage prospective students, wishing to transfer summer session credits to their home institution, to confer with their advisor(s) to determine how the credits will fit in their degree. All Mudders, including incoming first-year students, are eligible to take up to three (3) summer session courses.

The maximum number of credits for which a high school student may register during the summer is three (3) or one (1) course.

Tentative 2021 Summer Session Dates

Two sessions are offered:

Session I: May 24 – July 2
Session II: June 14 – July 23

Registration Dates

Registration will open in March, 2021

Course Offerings

We will offer a number of courses across a number of departments including the humanities, computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Note that the College reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. In the event a class is canceled, students may have the option of selecting an alternate class or receiving a full refund.


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