Upward Bound

Funded in the late 1960’s as one of the Johnson administration’s Great Society programs, the Upward Bound program at Harvey Mudd College has been helping low income, potential first-generation college students in the East San Gabriel Valley community “generate the skill and motivation necessary for success in college” for more than 30 years.

Upward Bound staff members recruit second semester ninth-graders from five local high schools to participate in a free six-week summer program—called Academic Frontiers—that incorporates an intensive academic curriculum of math, chemistry and literature with academic enrichment activities, including computer science, dance, foreign language, SAT test preparation, study hall requirements (three hours per night), group recreation and cultural enrichment activities.

One week is dedicated to orientation, while the remaining five are spent in residence at Harvey Mudd. After the 10th grade, participants must attend a second six-week summer program with either the Capitol Internship program at UC Davis or the La Jolla Science Project at UC San Diego.