Mudders Care for Mudders

If you are concerned about a student, we encourage you to notify the HMC Care Team by making a referral via the Mudders Care for Mudders form.

Care Team

The Care Team at Harvey Mudd College is a multidisciplinary team that works to assist students in need of personal and/or academic support. The team serves as a resource for the Mudd community and meets weekly to identify concerns and develop intervention for those in need. Community members can submit concerns to the Care Team for followup.

Who is the Care Team?

The Care Team is comprised of key members of the Division of Student Affairs including:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students – Anna Gonzalez
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs – Leslie Hughes
  • Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life – Marco Valenzuela
  • Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs – Elizabeth Connolly
  • Associate Dean for Academic Resources and Student Success – Amy Bibbens
  • Assistant Dean of Wellness and Residential Life – Michelle Harrison
  • Assistant Director of Wellness – Leah Nepomuceno
  • Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS) Care Manager

What should I report?

A notification can be made about any concerning behavior that a student exhibits. Common concerns include:

  • Any significant change in behavior (e.g. social withdraw, not leaving dorm room)
  • General mental health concerns (e.g. depression and anxiety)
  • Any personal or community safety concerns
  • Erratic, disruptive, or disturbing behavior
  • Substance abuse or misuse concerns

Can I report anonymously?

A report may be completed anonymously; however, we strongly recommend you provide your name and contact information to allow a Care Team member to contact you should they need additional information regarding the report. Your personal information will be treated as privately as possible when you submit a report. While we may contact you for further information or clarification, the Care Team will not, in general, follow up with you about any actions or response the team has implemented.

What happens if my name was reported?

If a community member was concerned about you and shared their concern with the Care Team you can expect an email or contact from one of the Care Team members to touch base to assist and follow-up as needed. The Care Team’s collaboration with you is private and will not be shared with fellow students, parents, staff, or faculty without your permission or a legitimate reason to do so.