Dean of the Faculty Staff

Dean’s Office Staff

Assistant to the Dean

Holly HauckHolly Hauck

Sprague 403

Administrative Coordinator

Esther HughesEsther Hughes

Sprague 403

Administrative Assistant

Carissa SaugstadCarissa Saugstad

Sprague 403

Other Offices and People Reporting to the Dean of the Faculty

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Bill Daub

Bill Daub

Jacobs 1207 or Department of Student Affairs
909.607.2629 or 909.621.8125 or
Calendly link:

  • Collaborates with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean for Academic Resources and Student Success, and the Director of Learning Programs in providing support for student academic success.
  • Serves as the ultimate academic adviser at the College.

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Elizabeth ConnollyElizabeth Connolly

Keck 1226 or Department of Student Affairs
909.607.2087 or 909.621.8125 or
Calendly Link:

Core Curriculum Director

Ben WiedermannBen Wiedermann

Olin B161C

  • Oversees Core scheduling, staffing and assessment.
  • Facilitates development of electives for first year students, both at Harvey Mudd and in the 5-Cs.

Associate Dean for Research and Experiential Learning

Chris Clark Chris Clark

Sprague 4th Floor

  • Spearheads and supports efforts to broaden the summer research and experiential learning program.
  • Provides opportunities for faculty members to develop their ability to seek, obtain, and administer grants from external agencies.
  • Works with the Research Committee to award internal college funding.
  • Oversees the summer research program.

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Talithia WilliamsTalithia Williams

Shanahan 2412 or Sprague 4th Floor, Room 411
909.607.1262 or 909.607.0453

  • Supports faculty development at all career stages.
  • Serves as a faculty resource for diversity and inclusion efforts.

Director of Accessible Education and Coordinator of Special Projects

Brandon IceBrandon Ice

Sprague 102

  • Oversees efforts to provide equal access to campus programs and activities for all members of the college community, including coordinating and overseeing academic accommodations for students with disabilities in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Manages special projects within the purview of the Dean of the Faculty’s Office including but not limited to projects related to accreditation, space and building, grants writing, budgeting, and visiting delegations.

Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Laura Palucki BlakeLaura Palucki Blake

Sprague 406

  • Partners with academic and administrative units to develop and manage comprehensive institutional research, assessment and strategic planning to support the curricular, analytical, informational, reporting needs of the college.
  • Coordinates and manages the WASC accreditation process, including serving as the institution’s liaison to the accrediting agency; assisting in the implementation of programmatic and assessment modifications and improvements.

Senior Director of Corporate Relations

Colleen Coxx

Colleen Coxe

Sprague 409

  • Manages the College’s comprehensive corporate relations program to promote the College within the corporate sector.
  • Works closely with clinic directors and the academic community in the implementation of the Clinic Program, including assembling the annual project portfolio.
  • Develops partnership opportunities and funding sources to support college-based needs and programs.

Assistant Director of Corporate Relations

Kelly Barker

Sprague 409

  • Coordinates special events, campus tours, and other corporate, sponsor and donor-related stewardship activities.
  • Handles administrative and budget details for corporate relations unit.

Senior Director of Learning Programs

Wendy Menefee-LibeyWendy Menefee-Libey

Shanahan 1472

  • Oversees the Harvey Mudd Writing Center and stewards the College’s core writing program.
  • Oversees the Academic Excellence Program.

Director of Study Abroad

Rhonda Chiles

Platt Campus Center

  • Oversees the Harvey Mudd Study Abroad Program.
  • Organizes outreach and recruitment for the Harvey Mudd Study Abroad program.
  • Develops and coordinates study abroad promotional programs, informational materials and various orientations sessions.

Director of Upward Bound

Angie AguilarAngie Covarrubias Aguilar

Platt Campus Center [downstairs]

  • Supervises Upward Bound staff, conducting staff meetings, staff training and evaluation, and personnel management.
  • Coordinates all programs and student academic assessment activities.
  • Organizes outreach efforts to parents, target school staff, the Harvey Mudd community, local community organizations, summer mentors and supporting agencies and programs