Academic Affairs for Incoming Students

Detailed information for first-year students about courses, advanced placement, and registration is available in the Academic Welcome Letter.

Advanced Placement

Students may not earn credit on the basis of Advanced Placement exam scores alone. In general, even introductory courses at Harvey Mudd go significantly beyond a normal AP course. As a result, success in AP courses does not guarantee advanced placement here, although some departments offer opportunities to be placed into higher-level courses or to be waived from taking certain courses. Placement examinations are offered during orientation and at scheduled times during the academic year.

Transfer Credit for Coursework Taken Prior to Matriculation at Harvey Mudd:

Credit is given to transfer students for course work completed at other colleges that is reasonably equivalent to work offered at Harvey Mudd College. The amount of such credit is determined by the appropriate departments in coordination with the Registrar. As a general rule, online courses are not transferable. Students will be asked to furnish course descriptions to facilitate this evaluation process. Courses underway are evaluated subject to successful completion. Only C or better work is transferable. Some departments may specify a higher minimum grade for eligible transfer or may, at the discretion of the department chair, require the transfer student to complete an exam to determine the preparation of the student in the subject intended for transfer. For transfer students, transcripts are evaluated at the time of admission so that students are informed at the time of acceptance what credit they have been awarded. The grade obtained in a course outside of Harvey Mudd College is not counted in determining the student’s cumulative grade point average.

When portions of the required Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts (HSA) program remain to be taken, up to half of these may be taken at other Claremont Colleges. In special cases of advanced admission to Harvey Mudd where few, if any, required HSA courses remain, the student must take one HSA course per semester. These are elective courses and up to half of them may be taken at other Claremont Colleges.

College-level coursework completed while still enrolled in high school or in the summer immediately following high school graduation is not transferable. AP, IB, and other exam credit granted by a prior college or university does not transfer to Harvey Mudd College. Information on transfer of credit for coursework taken after matriculating at HMC can be found here.

Placement Forms

All placement forms and surveys will be (e)mailed to you during the summer.