Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is devoted to the academic well-being and success of our talented students. The office supports students in their academic pursuits—intervening when academic difficulties arise—and links them with academic and personal resources on campus while fostering strong ties between faculty and students. The Office of Academic Affairs also directs first-year advising at Harvey Mudd.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Marianne de Laet

Parsons 1275 or DSA or
Reach by Phone: 909.621.8125 (Kim Nykanen in DSA) or 909.607.3812 (de Laet Parsons office)
Book an appointment: de Laet Calendly.

The ADAA serves as ultimate academic adviser at Harvey Mudd College, directs first-year advising, co-chairs the Academic Affairs Committee, advises the Scholarly Standing Committee, and is involved in organizing the first-year curriculum.

The ADAA coordinates with the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs (AstDAA), Associate Dean of Academic Resources and Student Success (ADARSS, located in DSA), the Coordinator for Student Accessibility Services (CSAS, formerly ADA, also in DSA), the Director of Learning Programs, and the Core Curriculum Director.

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Academic Programs

Elizabeth ConnollyElizabeth Connolly

Olin 1279 or Department of Student Affairs
909.607.2087 or 909.621.8125 or
Book an appointment: Connolly Calendly.

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