Campus Life

At the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), we are committed to educating our students to be ethical and caring leaders. We envision a campus that nurtures and develops the whole person. The Office of Campus Life (OCL) fulfills these values by enhancing the overall co-curricular experience of students through the development, exposure and participation in programs and activities. Our OCL staff strives to improve student cooperation and leadership, while preparing students to be responsible advocates and citizens by complementing the institutions academic programs.

On Campus

Harvey Mudd hosts a full range of activities, including student government, clubs and organizations, recreation, athletics and community service.

Many of these programs are coordinated through Office of Campus Life.

  • The DOS Muchachos (Student Activities Planning team) plans and organizes events for the entire campus
  • The Committee for Activities Planning (CAP) of ASHMC organizes non-dorm-based events, usually off-campus
  • The Social Committee of ASHMC, Mudd’s student government, handles on-campus parties.

The Claremont Colleges

Harvey Mudd students attend events at all of The Claremont Colleges, such as concerts, speaker series, art exhibits, theater productions, sports and trips.