Leonard Fund

The Leonard Fund supports small-scale student-faculty or student-staff interaction by reimbursing faculty or staff members for entertaining small groups of students in a mealtime setting. Additionally, students may use this fund to invite a faculty or staff member (and their immediate family, if desired) to share a meal with a small group of students. The donor defines “small” as a group not to exceed 6–8 people, even when multiple faculty or staff members are involved.

For use at the Café: individual faculty, staff and students can be reimbursed for up to a maximum of $50 (per semester) for Café purchases to support informal student-faculty or student-staff interactions. Either when you have accumulated at least $25 of receipts or at the end of semester you may request reimbursement. Receipts need to be well organized and annotated with the names of the faculty or staff members and students present. ​Please ​email them to Elizabeth Alvarado-Ramirez at ealvaradoramirez@hmc.edu.

For use off campus: In parties of 8 total people or fewer, individual faculty, staff and students can be reimbursed for up to a maximum of $14.75/person for breakfast, $17.75/person for lunch, or $20.75/person for dinner. Itemized receipts are required. Reimbursements submitted without itemized receipts will not be accepted. Please see specific directions on the “Leonard Fund reimbursement form” below.

Formal Specifications for the Leonard Fund

“To promote informal contact between students and faculty or staff.” An example might be a professor inviting a small group of students home for a meal, with the fund paying for the groceries. This fund is based on the premise that the faculty and staff of Harvey Mudd are interesting and thoughtful people of good character, and that informal social contact will benefit all concerned. When a professor or staff member makes the effort to provide hospitality to students, they should not suffer financially for his good intentions.

The fund is intended to be low-budget. The appeal of funded activities should come from the pleasure of the companionship.

The fund does not pay for alcohol.

Complete the Leonard Fund Reimbursement Form and upload itemized receipt(s).