Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Harvey Mudd’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) serves as a source of information about Harvey Mudd College.

Our mission is to provide data, reporting and research that supports institutional planning, strengthens teaching and learning, and provides an understanding of the meaning and quality of education at Harvey Mudd College.

We work with faculty, staff, administrators and students at the College, and collaborate with colleagues at other colleges and professional associations.

Institutional research activities include:

  1. Provide college data to external agencies
  2. Provide college and peer data to faculty and staff committees, academic and administrative leaders, and the Board of Trustees
  3. Guide college data procedures

Effectiveness and assessment activities include:

  1. Design and implement projects to assess student learning
  2. Support academic program reviews
  3. Support grant project evaluation

Our office adheres to the Association of Institutional Researcher’s Statement of Ethical Principles.