Student Affairs Program Review

The student affairs program review process is designed to document and strengthen the contributions of co-curriculum activities, programs, and learning experiences to student learning and development, and the mission of the College. The insights gained through this process and benefit of feedback from professional peers, units are expected to set strategic priorities for improvement and disseminate their mission, accomplishments and future plans.

Student Affairs Program Review Guidelines (PDF)
Overview of the process, purposes, characteristics, and steps involved in a successful student affairs program review.

Academic Program Review Schedule (PDF)
Calendar of student affairs program review cycle.

Timeline and Checklist (PDF)
Basic overview of the major steps in planning and carrying out a student affairs program review.

External Review Issues Statement (PDF)
A statement that clearly outlines the key issues and questions that will guide the self-study process for the unit as well as for the external reviewers to address during the site visit.

Expectations for Report from External Reviewers (PDF)
List of standard elements and feedback summarizing the recommendations by the external reviewers to be delivered one month after the sit visit.

Sample Visit Schedule (PDF)
Suggestions for setting the agenda for the external visit.