First Year to Sophomore Retention

Retention rates are among the most important factors used in judging the quality of an undergraduate college. The following table shows first year to sophomore retention rates based on a cohort of full-time first-year students who are seeking a degree for the first time.

The first column shows the cohort entry year, the second the number of first year students included in the cohort. The final column shows both actual numbers as well as percentages of the original cohort.

This data is generated on fall semester census date, which typically falls in the third week of the semester.

Fall (Entry Year)First Year Students (FTFT)1Returned Next Year
2022²237229 (97%)
2021²225219 (97%)
2020²206201 (98%)
2019²224205 (92%)
2018234228 (97%)
2017224217 (97%)
2016213208 (98%)
2015214210 (98%)
2014194187 (96%)
2013217210 (97%)
2012198197 (99%)
2011194191 (98%)
2010195188 (96%)
2009207205 (99%)
2008202184 (91%)
2007196187 (95%)
2006180173 (96%)
2005195182 (93%)
First Year to Sophomore Retention 2005–2022

1 Includes students who have no prior postsecondary experience (except as noted below) attending  for the first time at the undergraduate level. This includes students enrolled in academic or occupational programs. It also includes students enrolled for the first time in the prior summer term, and students who entered with college credits earned before graduation from high school.

2 Data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results were likely impacted by the implementation of policies and practices that were put into effect.

Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)