Student Enrollment Profile – Race/Ethnicity

Total Undergrads Enrolled²915906905827895889844829815804807784784773
Black or African American48544134363132251813107107
American Indian or Alaska Native24422243442353
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander12235443100000
Two or More Races9997898595949279665032191136
Race/Ethnicity Student Profile 2010–2023

Note: Starting fall 2010, IPEDS instituted a new set of ethnic breakdowns. Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders were separated from the Asian category, and a new Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander category was created. A new Multi-Ethnic category was also created. International students are not disaggregated by race.

Individuals may self-identify with more than one race and/or ethnicity. Non-Hispanics who identify more than one race are reported as “Two or more races.” Hispanics and Non-resident International students are identified in those categories only.  More information:

1 Data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results were likely impacted by the implementation of policies and practices that were put into effect.

2 Data represents Fall enrollment and includes exchange students and part-time students. Excludes students who are simultaneously enrolled in high school.

Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)