Course Evaluation


The HMC course evaluation process is fully online and managed by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE). All qualified courses are evaluated unless eligible faculty opt out. Starting in Spring 2024, a revised form is being adopted along with a new dashboard reporting system where faculty are able to review course evaluation results in a more timely and interactive manner. Department chairs will also have access to a departmental view in their dashboard.

The Process

  1. OIRE will send out an email to all instructors with the list of courses and sections to be evaluated, instructors will respond to OIRE if they are eligible and interested in opting out or if they want to add supplemental questions to their course evaluation.
  2. On April 22, students will receive an email from “HMC Course Evaluations” with the link to the portal where ALL their evaluations are listed for each of the courses they are enrolled in. Please note that students will not be receiving individual links for each course anymore. All the evaluation links are listed in one place for easier access.
  3. Students in team-taught courses will evaluate each instructor in the course unless otherwise requested by the teaching team.
  4. OIRE will send out reminders to students during the week to complete unfinished evaluations.
  5. After all the grades are turned in, instructors will receive an email from OIRE with log-in information on how to access their course evaluation dashboard.
  6. OIRE will facilitate training and Q&A sessions for instructors to navigate the dashboards.
  7. You will be able to export course evaluations as a PDF for future records.
  8. Department chairs will have a “chair view” in the dashboards.
  9. This summer, OIRE will send out a brief survey to gather feedback about your experience with the new dashboards.

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HMC Student Evaluation of Course and instructor (PDF)