Course Evaluation


The HMC course evaluation process is fully online and managed by Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE). All qualified courses are evaluated unless eligible faculty opt out. Department chairs will receive additional departmental reports via google drive. All faculty members should see evaluations for all their eligible courses, unless they opted out of the evaluation.

The process:

  1. Students receive individual Qualtrics links from from OIRE for each course they are enrolled in.
  2. Students in team-taught courses receive evaluations from each instructor in the course unless otherwise requested by the teaching team.
  3. To protect student confidentiality, a minimum of 5 course evaluations are needed to produce reports. In cases where we could combine two sections of the same course by instructor to be able to provide a report, we did so.
  4. For courses with size less than 5, a 50% response rate is needed to run the report.
  5. All the written comments are reported verbatim and have not been edited for content, spelling etc.
  6. Individual reports for faculty are prepared and uploaded to Sakai after the grades are in.
  7. Departmental chairs receive departmental reports via google drive shortly after.

Note for Faculty:

  • Each course/section will have a link by default, managed and sent out by OIRE.
  • As of Spring 2021, the default survey does not include the five TLC (yellow sheet) questions. Contact OIRE if you’d like them for your course.
  • Faculty can view OIRE google sheet to opt-out, request for supplemental questions, or add comments by specific dates.
  • Eligible faculty must opt-out of evals by a specified date each semester.
  • Room for up to 5 supplemental questions, in addition to yellow sheet questions.
  • OIRE sends out reminders to non-responders.
  • Faculty who set aside class time to take evaluations and encourage students by reminding them receive better response rate.

Important dates for Spring 2021:

First Half Courses:

Last day to opt-out or request supplemental questions: March 8
Course Evaluation window: March 15 – 19

Second Half and Full Semester Courses:

Last day to opt-out or request supplemental questions: April 12
Course Evaluation window: May 3 – 7

Click here for more detailed: Spring 2021 timeline.


Instrument sample:

Preview of the current course evaluation:

Preview – HMC Student Evaluation of Course and instructor (