Survey and Data Collection

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) supports the use of data in decision-making and policy decisions at Harvey Mudd College. To that end, we collect and analyze data from many sources, including surveys administered to students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff.  Often, we are approached by student groups or offices on campus who would like to conduct a survey. This page is intended to help those wishing to implement a survey efficiently and productively use their time and resources. Our Data Collection Schedule provides information about the relationship between college-wide program level and Core assessment. See the survey calendar below to arrange a timeline for your collection. In general, the following provides a rough guide of the survey process:

  1. Authoring/updating the survey instrument and creating a population file
  2. Designing/procuring incentives (optional)
  3. Pilot testing the survey
  4. Sending invitations and reminders
  5. Collecting the data
  6. Analyzing data
  7. Reporting results
  8. Archiving survey data, reporting and files.

For more information regarding basic requirements of a survey, see the Survey Checklist and Survey Guidelines.