Academic Affairs for Current Students

The following resources may be useful as you navigate through the academic year. If you have questions about, or suggestions for, our website please email Marianne de Laet,, associate dean for academic affairs.

Homework and Exam Schedules

Homework and exam schedules for the Common Core are available in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Transfer Credit for Coursework Taken After Matriculation at Harvey Mudd

Students seeking transfer credit for courses taken outside of The Claremont Colleges must obtain permission in writing from the department concerned. For technical courses, the department chair of the discipline of the course must approve the transferability of the course. For courses in HSA disciplines, the student’s HSA advisor must approve the transferability of the course. To ensure transferability, permission should be obtained prior to registering for the course. Upon completion of the course(s), the student must request that the Registrar’s office at the host college or university send an official transcript directly to the Office of the Registrar at Harvey Mudd College. As a general rule, online courses are not transferable. (See below for an exception for the 2020–2021 academic year.) The student must disclose the course format and method of delivery to the department chair (or HSA advisor) at Harvey Mudd when seeking transfer credit approval. Only C or better work is transferable. However, some departments may set a higher minimum grade for transferability. Approved courses are added to the student’s Harvey Mudd College record and may be counted as fulfilling requirements upon consent of the department chair (or HSA advisor). The Registrar must be notified of any requirements that are satisfied by the transfer work. Credit at Harvey Mudd College for such courses is generally the same as for equivalent courses at Harvey Mudd, except where adjustments must be made by the Registrar to equalize credits (e.g., converting quarter system credits to the semester system). The grade obtained in a course outside of The Claremont Colleges is not counted in determining the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Students enrolled in an approved study abroad program during the fall or spring semester are subject to the Study Abroad credit policy. Courses taken abroad outside of an approved fall or spring semester study abroad program are subject to the transfer credit policy.

Online courses completed at institutions outside of Claremont during the 2020–2021 academic year may be transferable under very limited circumstances, and only during a session when Harvey Mudd College’s mode of instruction is predominantly online. For more information, please consult the HMC Catalogue.

Leonard Fund

The Leonard Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Leonard, parents of Jon ’93. The Leonard Fund supports small-scale student-faculty interaction by reimbursing faculty members for entertaining small groups of students in a mealtime setting. Additionally, students may use this fund to invite a faculty member (and his or her guest, if desired) to share a meal with a small group of students. The donor defines “small” as a group not to exceed 6–8 people, even when multiple faculty members have been involved. Pre-authorization by the Office of Academic Affairs is required for any use of the fund.

Formal Specifications for the Leonard Fund

“To promote informal contact between students and faculty. An example might be a professor inviting a small group of students home for a meal, with the fund paying for the groceries. This fund is based on the premise that the faculty and staff of HMC are interesting and thoughtful people of good character, and that informal social contact will benefit all concerned. When a professor makes the effort to provide hospitality to students, they should not suffer financially for his good intentions.

The fund is intended to be low-budget. The appeal of funded activities should come from the pleasure of the companionships.

The fund does not pay for alcohol.