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The Office of Accessible Education at Harvey Mudd College is committed to offering support to all students as they engage in the rigorous, fast-paced curriculum. Partnering with the 5C Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), we provide co-curricular programs, training, and services to encourage student development in personal, social, and academic domains as they engage transitioning from high school to college. To that end, we partner with faculty, staff and students to create a climate of inclusion and diversity, where students with disabilities are included as integral contributors to our intellectual community.

Our objectives in providing ability-related services are to:

  • ensure the effective delivery of reasonable accommodations;
  • promote access through outreach and training for faculty, staff, and students;
  • support students with disabilities in developing self-advocacy; and
  • partnering with faculty in creating inclusive learning environments based on the principles of Universal Design

Through faculty, staff, and peer support, as well as formalized accommodations, we encourage students to become confident advocates for their educational experiences at HMC.

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