Health and Wellness Staff

Our Mission

To support and co-educate students as they strive to find and maintain their work-life balance and provide them the resources needed to thrive as healthy ethical leaders serving society and the world.

Who we are

Driven by the College’s strategic vision, Harvey Mudd College Wellness is a campus-wide educational initiative with the goal of helping students thrive, achieve a sense of well-being, reduce risk factors and bring about balance in their lives.

What we do

  • Psycho-educational programming based on positive psychology
  • Crisis management
  • Referrals
  • Support and advocacy
  • Training and mentoring
  • International student support

Meet the Team

Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison

Associate Dean for Health and

As the associate dean for health and wellness, Michelle oversees wellness programming on campus and work with the health educators and meets with students one-on-one to provide support and case management services. Michelle is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a B.S. in public health. She also holds an MPH in health behavior and health promotion as well as an MSW in mental health and substance abuse from The Ohio State University.

Dominique White

Dominique White

Assistant Dean for Health and

As the assistant dean for health and wellness, Dominique helps develop and implement programs and works with students to provide guidance and support with wellness-related topics. Dominique’s work focuses on promoting health and wellness to improve student success and quality of life. She received her BA in public health policy from UC Irvine and her MPH from San Diego State University.

Peer Health Educators

Peer Health Educators serve as liaison between the Office of Health and Wellness and students on campus through peer-to-peer programming. Peer Health Educators work directly with their peers to educate, promote and discuss health and well-being on campus.

  • Ananya Purwar
  • Jillian Wood
  • Madeline Seifert
  • Otis Golden

ProjectConnect Facilitators

ProjectConnect is a peer-facilitated program designed to help small groups of students get to know each other and develop friendships. The ProjectConnect Facilitators lead their peers through a series of engaging questions and fun activities that have been shown to build closeness, connection, and community.

  • Cheyenne Foo
  • Holly Chen
  • Kayleah Tsai
  • Nilay Pangrekar
  • Caroline Sorrells
  • Sofi Zaozerska