Summer Research at Harvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd College’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program engages students in 10 weeks of full-time research. Each summer, close to 200 Harvey Mudd students pursue research projects alongside nearly 40 faculty members across every department of the College.

Several exciting research projects are underway for summer 2015. In the lab of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Lelia Hawkins, students are using atomic force microscopy to look closely at individual particles as they transform due to reactions in fog and clouds. With Professor Dan Stoebel, biology researchers are determining how E. coli uses the protein RpoS to respond to stressful conditions. Meanwhile, under the advisement of Assistant Professor of Computer Science Colleen Lewis, students interview expert computer science instructors from high schools and colleges across the nation and study computer science teaching strategies.

The videos below highlight some recent summer research projects undertaken by Harvey Mudd students, several of which are ongoing.