External Grant Proposal Preparation

Grant Proposal Resources

One of the best ways to prepare a grant proposal is to look at some successful proposals from other Harvey Mudd faculty. The structure and even some of the content (e.g. general statements about the College’s strengths) from those proposals can be adapted for your own proposal. The dean of faculty can suggest faculty members willing to share their proposals and offer help and advice.

Internal Approval

Before submitting a proposal, grant-seekers must secure the approval of their department chair, the dean of faculty and the business office.

Institutional Information

A set of College “must-knows” has been prepared to help you with the grant application process.


Specific agreements and protocol apply when multiple institutions will be supported by one grant.

NSF Merit Review Criteria

The criteria used by the National Science Foundation in reviewing grant applications must be addressed. These criteria may be helpful when considering applying for grants from other agencies.

Budgeting Information

Knowing certain financial rates will assist you in preparing your proposal budget. For NSF grants, this budget template should be used when developing your budget.

Conflict of Interest

Harvey Mudd College requires the disclosure of financial interest in research or other activities supported by College-sponsored or external grant sources.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidance

Harvey Mudd College works with Claremont Graduate University (CGU) to set guidelines pertaining to Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes and approval. The CGU Institutional Review Board ensures compliance with federal and state regulations concerning the use of humans as research subjects. Their focus is to facilitate faculty investigators and help train student investigators to understand and carry out the fundamental purpose of all IRBs, which is to assure the Investigator’s Respectful Behavior toward every person who participates in research as a “human subject.”