Recent Faculty Grants

Lelia Hawkins (Chemistry)

National Science Foundation provided $636,101 Early Career Award for “Quantifying the Formation and Persistence of Brown Carbon Compounds through Observational and Laboratory Studies”.

Sharon Gerbode (Physics)

Research Corporation for Science Advancement provided $100,000 for “Interactions Between Impurities and Dislocations in Small Colloidal Crystals” (February 2016).

Kerry Karukstis (Chemistry)

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation provided $18,500 for the 2015 Jean Dreyfus Boissevain Lectureship Award (July 2015).

Christopher Clark (Engineering)

National Science Foundation provided $249,992 for “Intelligent Search and Mapping of Submerged Cultural Heritage Ancient Shipwrecks using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles” (July 2015).

Bill Alves and Erika Dyson (Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts); Nancy Lape (Engineering)

The Teagle Foundation provided $68,000 for “Integrating the Liberal Arts through the Grand Challenges Scholars Program” (May 2015).

Cathy McFadden (Biology)

National Science Foundation provided $494,481 for “Phylogenomics of Anthozoa (Cnidaria): New Approaches to Long-Standing Problems” (March 2015).

Elizabeth Orwin (Engineering)

National Institutes of Health provided $391,528 for “Controlling Cell Phenotype in a Tissue-Engineered Corneal Model” (January 2015).