Summer 2022 Seminar Series

HMC is inviting speakers and organizing events as part of our Stauffer Lecture Series. We have a great group of scholars that will discuss the scholarship they have produced and/or their specific research interests. Seminars will be held on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PDT. We encourage our HMC community to join us in these informative and fun seminars!

May 26 | Katherine Van Heuvelen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College

Location: Zoom – link shared via email

Seminar Topic: Responsible Conduct of Research

Abstract: The responsible and ethical conduct of research (RCR) is critical for excellence, as well as public trust, in science and engineering. Education in RCR is considered essential in the preparation of future scientists and engineers.

June 2 | Brian Shuve, Assistant Professor of Physics, Harvey Mudd College

Location: Shan 1430

Seminar Topic: Uncovering the Hidden Side of the Universe

Abstract: More than 80% of matter in the universe is invisible: it doesn’t interact with light, and it’s not made out of any of the known elementary particles. What could this dark matter be, and where did it come from? Delving into the origins of dark matter during the universe’s earliest moments, I will describe what we can infer about the properties of dark matter particles and how we might look for them in terrestrial experiments. Remarkably, evidence for hidden states of matter could be buried in existing experimental datasets because the data have not been examined in the right way. I will then show how we are leading new searches for hidden states of matter in data from high-energy particle colliders.

June 23 | Jamie Haddock, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

Location: Shan 1430

Seminar Topic: Tensor Models, Methods, and Medicine

Abstract: There is currently an unprecedented demand for efficient, quantitative, and interpretable methods to study large-scale (often multi-modal) data. One key area of interest is that of tensor decomposition, which seeks to automatically learn latent trends or topics of complex data sets, providing practitioners a view of what is “going on” inside their data. This talk will survey tools for topic modeling on matrix and tensor data.  These tools are of interest across the many fields and industries producing, capturing, and analyzing big data, but are of particular interest in applications where expert supervision is available and often essential (e.g., medicine).  We will describe an application of these methods to medical data; an ongoing application to cardiovascular imaging data.

June 30 | Stauffer Social Event

July 7 | Alberto Soto and Joe Wirth, Postdoctoral Fellows in the Program in Interdisciplinary Computation (PIC),

Harvey Mudd College

Location: Shan 1430

July 14 | CS Open House

July 21 | Sarah Kavassalis, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program in Interdisciplinary Computation (PIC), Harvey Mudd College

Location: Shan 1430