HMC Award Policies

There are several internal policies relating to federal grants that faculty members should know.

  • Once your award has been negotiated and accepted by HMC, you will receive an email from HMC grants accountant Rodrigo Flores with an Internal Grant Agreement and your worktags.
  • Award spending must not occur until Harvey Mudd has an official agreement with the agency and the grant account is created. Pre-award spending may be allowed depending on the agency. Please contact the agency to receive approval; once approved please notify both BAO and OSRP.
  • In order to save time when reporting and in case of potential audits, please be meticulous in your record-keeping and documentation. In the event that expenses are charged to the wrong grant account or budget category, please contact the grant accountant.  

Allowable/Unallowable Costs (PDF)

Determining whether costs are allowable and should be charged to a federal grant or contract is important.

Budget Revision (PDF)

In order to keep track of all budget modifications, a brief justification of budget transfers should be approved and signed by the PI through the HMC Budget Reallocation Request.  Some situations require prior agency approval.

Conflict of Interest

Harvey Mudd College requires the disclosure of financial interest in research or other activities supported by College-sponsored or external grant sources.

Cost Transfers (PDF)

When the need for transferring costs between accounts involving a federally funded grant or contract is necessary, care should be taken that any transfer of costs into or out of federally funded accounts are handled appropriately.

Equipment Inventory Requirements (PDF)

Equipment asset inventory is required for any equipment equal to or greater than $5,000. It is the department’s responsibility to maintain this inventory. Note that equipment purchases require obtaining multiple bids.

Human Subject Use (PDF)

The Institutional Review Board protects the rights and welfare of humans recruited to participate in research activities conducted under the auspices of the Claremont Graduate University and Harvey Mudd College.

For more information about the Institutional Review Board (IRB), please visit the IRB website.

Intellectual Property (PDF)

All faculty members and students of Harvey Mudd College have full ownership of any intellectual property that they produce during the course of their involvement with the college, except when external sponsorship of the work requires the assignment elsewhere.

Scientific Conduct (PDF)

There are certain standards within the scientific community, which are essential to ensure the quality and integrity of research.

Student Researchers (FAQ)


  • Students are paid a $6200 stipend provided the PI certifies that the project is an educational experience. 
  • Otherwise, they are considered hourly employees and subject to 8% fringe. Students must be on payroll before work starts.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is awarded through the Summer Student Housing Program on a need-aware basis.

To be eligible for an SSHP award, a student must:

  • Have applied and qualified for need-based Harvey Mudd College scholarship funds during the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Be a full-time HMC student during the academic year prior to the summer in question.
  • Be conducting at least 10 weeks of summer research or scholarship under the advising of an HMC faculty member.
  • Not be receiving a summer housing allowance from other sources.

Note that the SSHP has a limited budget, and eligibility does not guarantee a student will receive an award. Students who apply earlier may have a higher likelihood of receiving an award.

RCR Training

Students must complete Responsible Code of Research Training and Certification, and may not be paid until training is completed.  RCR Training takes place in the context of the Stauffer Lectures.  Documentation of participation will be provided.

Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research Plan

Suspension and Debarment (PDF)

When purchasing goods or services using federal funds, it is necessary to verify that the vendor is not suspended or debarred from receiving federal funds.

Time and Effort Certification (PDF)

Salaries on federal grants typically make up the majority of expenditures and special certifications must be completed to satisfy federal regulations.