Grant Submission Process and Timeline

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) supports faculty seeking funding for research, scholarship, and creative work through a clear and effective process for all partners (Faculty, Sponsored Research, Department Chairs, the Dean of Faculty, and Business Affairs).

It is important to follow this process so that we can best support you in each step of proposal development, submission, and grant administration.

HMC’s approvals process ensures that proposal budgets — especially those involving durable equipment — are vetted by the Business Affairs Office and the Dean of the Faculty for compliance issues, as well as to ensure that the College is prepared to support any ongoing costs the equipment might require from the college. The process is clear — and easy — for the faculty when submitting proposals. It doesn’t add much time and offers confidence to the faculty PI that they are fully supported by the institution.

Most grants, both public and private, are submitted by and awarded to HMC or require institutional nomination, thus it is critical that you notify OSR of any opportunity you are interested in pursuing.  Even if a grant is not submitted by, awarded to, or administered by HMC, it is important to notify OSR about the opportunity so that 1) we can assist you with drafting a strong proposal, and 2) we can ensure there is no conflict with other institutional funding goals and efforts. 

8-12 Weeks Before Deadline

  • Identify source of funding/solicitation
  • Discuss your proposal concept and timeline with your Chair
  • Notify the Office of Sponsored Research of your intent to apply by submitting the Intent to Submit Form 
  • Schedule Kickoff meeting with Nicole Wallens (OSR) and Rodrigo Flores (Business Affairs)
  • Obtain necessary portal user-ids and passwords (e.g.,,
    • (NB: if you are registering for the first time, you will need to register as a PI and request access.)
  • Enroll in SciENcv to create your biosketch  
  • Compile list of all required documents 
    • (See our checklist and cf requirements of specific solicitation)
  • Read program announcement instructions carefully to ensure close adherence to rules and guidelines. Proposals that deviate from these rules and regulations will be rejected. Read the program solicitation carefully and reach out to the OSR with any questions.

3 Weeks Before Deadline

  • Submit budget and budget justification to Rodrigo Flores in Business Affairs for review and revision 
  • Be sure to use the CURRENT Budget Template

2 Weeks Before Deadline

  • Internal Approvals
    • Share the final budget, justification, project summary, and COI Disclosure with OSR
    • You will receive an email through CongaSign (similar to DocuSign)
    • Review and approve the submission by signing (be sure to click “Complete signing”). 
    • The signing is sequential; your signature starts the process.
    • It will then go to BAO, DC, DOF, OSR 
  • Document Review
    • Submit a strong draft to the OSRP for feedback by no later than 14 days before the proposal deadline
      • Compliance check, formatting support, and content feedback
    • Declining this resource does not guarantee submission.  Proposals will still be vetted for suitability 

1 Week Before Deadline

  • Create proposal in agency submission portal
  • Upload your documents
  • Share access with AOR
    • Only take this step after all of your final documents are uploaded.  Sharing access is our notification that your proposal is ready for final review and submission.
    • At least 48 hours is required for review.  If AOR access is made less than 48 hours before the deadline, we cannot guarantee adequate review or timely submission.
    • We will review and notify you of either: required revisions or successful submission.

48 Hours Before Deadline: Target submission

  • This allows for any potential technical or other unforeseen issues