Harvey Mudd Beckman Scholars

The Beckman Scholars Program is a 15-month mentored research experience for exceptional undergraduate students in chemistry, biological sciences, or interdisciplinary combinations thereof.

  • Christian Stevens, awarded 2012. Research title: Inhibition of HIV – 1 replication by a tRNA-TAR decoy chimera. Faculty mentor: Karl Haushalter
  • Katerina Hilleke, awarded 2011. Research title: Biomimetic Synthesis of Beilschmiedic Acid C and Antibacterial Studies. Faculty mentor: David Vosburg
  • Thomas Aldrich, awarded 2010. Research title: Discovery of Natural Product Inhibitors of Xylella fastidiosa from Endophytic Fungi. Faculty mentor: Katherine Maloney
  • Russell Thompson, awarded 2010. Research title: Determination of the Effect of IL-1ra and 3D Culture on the Expression of alpha-SMA, TKT and ALDH by Subcultured Rabbit Corneal Keratocytes. Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Orwin
  • Stephanie Brockman, awarded 2009. Research title: Mitochondrial Genome Characterization of the Scleraxonia Groups of Gorgonians. Faculty mentor: Cathy McFadden
  • Kanny Wan, awarded 2009. Research title: Biomemetic Synthesis of Davanone and Other Terpenoid Compounds. Faculty mentor: David Vosburg
  • Terrence Wong, awarded 2008. Research title: Characterization of CTCF Binding Sites in the Proximal Exonic Region of hTERT (Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase). Faculty mentor: Robert Drewell
  • Diana Ahn Tran, awarded 2007. Research title: Characterization of Conserved Regulatory Elements in the Telomerase Promoter in Primates. Faculty mentor: Robert Drewell
  • Matthew Hoss, awarded 2006.
  • Lindsay Wray, awarded 2006.
  • Amanda Hickman, awarded 2005.
  • Whitney Duim, awarded 2004.