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Project Department Year
Ultrasonic Head-Pose Estimation Engineering Amazon Lab126 2022–23
Advancing the Design of Aprovecho’s Clean Cooking Accessory, the Jet-Flame Engineering/Global Aprovecho Research Center 2022–23
Advancing Methods in Infectious Disease Models: Incorporating Structural Causes Mathematics Boston College 2022–23
Visualizing Spatial Genomics for Biology and Translational Medicine Computer Science Caltech Cai Lab 2022–23
Eliminating Downtime on Corn Dough Sheeters Engineering Casa Herrera 2022–23
Modeling Green Hydrogen Production and Trade Engineering/Mathematics Center for Strategic and International Studies 2022–23
A “Smart” Chemotherapy Port Engineering City of Hope 2022–23
Personalized 5C Dining Web App Computer Science ClareNom 2022–23
Generalized, Deployable, Insolation Forecasts Computer Science Clean Power Research 2022–23
Designing Algorithms and Infrastructure for Improved Kubernetes Autoscaling Computer Science CrowdStrike 2022–23
Automatic Video Scene Extraction and Annotation Tool for Customer Experience Enhancement Computer Science DIRECTV 2022–23
Autonomous Mower Path Planning Engineering Doosan Bobcat 2022–23
Clustering, Analysis, and Prediction on eBay M2M Messaging Computer Science eBay 2022–23
Identifying Economic Insights in FedEx’s Shipping Data Computer Science FedEx 2022–23
Modeling Autonomous Vehicle Deliverability Mathematics FedEx 2022–23
Prediction of pH Probe Failure Engineering Georg Fischer Signet 2022–23
Leveraging Relational Databases for Spatial Transcriptomics Computer Science Harvard Center for Computational Biomedicine 2022–23
Improving Quantum Computing Devices with Ferroelectrics Engineering HRL Laboratories 2022–23
Numerical Integration of Parabolic PDEs Mathematics IMC Trading 2022–23
Assessing Health and Trust in the Border Gateway Protocol Computer Science Juniper Networks 2022–23
Past Clinic Projects