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Project Department Year
When is Enough Enough?: Estimating Sampling Convergence in Molecular Dynamics Simulations Mathematics/Physics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2022–23
Querying Latent Structure in Single-cell RNA-seq Data Computer Science Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2022–23
Creating an Interactive Metric Authoring Experience for Microsoft’s Experimentation Platform Mathematics Microsoft 2022–23
Finding Radio Transmissions with Drones Engineering MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2022–23
Improving NCE’s Internal Task Management System Computer Science N Consulting Engineers 2022–23
Planetary Protection Biological Safety Assurance Case for Mars Sample Return (MSR) Engineering NASA/JPL 2022–23
Delivery System for Transcatheter Heart Valve Replacement Engineering Nininger Medical Inc. 2022–23
Measuring Query Relevance of Visual Attributes in Fashion Search Computer Science Nordstrom 2022–23
Carbon Material Replacement Engineering Parker Meggitt Engine Systems 2022–23
Identification and Classification of Defects in Aluminum Strips Engineering Project Metal Inspection 2022–23
Recommended Improvements to an Isothermal Calibration Station Engineering Project Pyramid 2022–23
Developing Tools for Testing Adversarial Attacks Against Natural Language Classifiers Computer Science Proofpoint, Inc. 2022–23
Creating a Layer 6 Load Balancer Computer Science Quantcast 2022–23
A Computational Investigation of Barium Titanate’s Surface Properties Engineering Sandia National Laboratories 2022–23
Next-generation Retail Experiences for Bridging In-person and Online Commerce Computer Science Shopify, Inc. 2022–23
Radio Frequency Source Localization Engineering Silvus Technologies 2022–23
Manufacturing Repair Diagnostic Tool Engineering Tesla 2022–23
Fuel Cell Powered “Bottomless” Uninterruptible Power Supply Engineering Toyota 2022–23
Sweep Matching Engine Algorithm Development Computer Science Tradeweb 2022–23
Data-Organizing for Labor Action Computer Science UNITE HERE 2022–23
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