Past Clinic Projects

Project Department Year
Explore Price-Performance of ARM vs. x86 in Amazon Web Services Engineering 23andMe 2021–22
Federated Learning Platform for Alation Machine Learning Computer Science Alation 2021–22
Robotic Platform for Audio Data Collection Engineering Amazon Lab126 2021–22
Portable Diagnostic Device Engineering Aquillius Corporation 2021–22
Increasing Arctic Ice Reflectivity through Hollow Glass Microsphere Deployment Engineering/Global Arctic Ice Project 2021–22
High Speed CROMEs for Proximity Sensing and LiDAR Engineering Avicena 2021–22
A Mobile App to Engage Elementary-Age Students in Urban Forestry and Tree Health Computer Science California Urban Forests Council/The Britton Fund 2021–22
A Less Traumatic and More Comfortable Urinary Catheter Engineering City of Hope 2021–22
Novel Deep Learning Strategy to Better Predict Pharmacological Properties of Candidate Drugs and Focus Discovery Efforts Mathematics Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc 2021–22
Supporting Proof of Concept Testing Computer Science Cradlepoint 2021–22
Autoscaling Algorithm for Managing Clients on Kubernetes Clusters Computer Science CrowdStrike 2021–22
Performance Testing for an Automated Fare Collection System Computer Science Cubic Transportation Systems 2021–22
Autonomous Mower Path Planning Engineering Doosan Bobcat 2021–22
Optimizing eBay Payments through Modeling and Forecasting Mathematics eBay 2021–22
Bridging Geographic Information Systems and Computing Education Computer Science Esri 2021–22
The Factor Programming Language: Game Development Computer Science Factor Programming Language 2021–22
Total Active Ions Sensor Engineering Georg Fischer Signet 2021–22
Helping Devices Work Better Together Computer Science Google 2021–22
Semi-automatic Mapping of Medical Data onto Ontologies Mathematics Harvard Center for Computational Biomedicine 2021–22
Policing Fairness Mathematics HMC Equity in Policing Fairness 2021–22