Past Clinic Projects

Project Year
RACECAR MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2019–20
Automated Kafka Consumer Scaling CrowdStrike 2019–20
Project Terminator EdgeConneX 2019–20
Modeling Employment-Matches for Anonymous Job Seekers Indeed 2019–20
Optimizing Router Performance Juniper Networks 2019–20
Cognitive Databases for Improved Large-scale Information Access Futrend Technology Inc. 2019–20
Google Front-end Framework Google Irvine 2019–20
Puzzle Master 9000: The Jigsaw Puzzle-Helping App HMC INQ 2019–20
Eye Tracking to Improve Reading Experience on Screens Microsoft 2019–20
Efficient Indexing of Compressed Time-series Data ServiceNow 2019–20
High-performance Credit-Market Data Filtering Tradeweb Markets Inc. 2019–20
Google Call Center Google 2019–20
Google Education: Applied Machine Learning Intensive Clinic Google 2019–20
GPU-Accelerated Visualization of High-order Physics Simulation Meshes Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2019–20
Food Waste Analysis Through a Handheld Scanner App Los Angeles Regional Food Bank 2019–20
Google Applied Computing Series Google Applied Computing 2019–20
Automatic Disk-Image Conversion Pure Storage 2019–20
Facilitating the Visual Communication of Wood Veneer Steelcase 2019–20
Discovering and Displaying Drops in Internet Performance Data Google Measurement Lab 2019–20
A Framework for Evaluating OCR Engines’ Accuracy Laserfiche 2019–20