Past Clinic Projects

Project Year
Flight Engineering Virtual Assistant Virgin Orbit 2018–19
Applications of Deep Learning to Ad Quality OpenX Technologies 2018–19
Implementing a Clustered NFS Server on a Pure Storage FlashArray Pure Storage 2018–19
Optimizing Compression for Time Series Data ServiceNow 2018–19
Telemetry and Modeling for Automatic Tuning in Apache Cassandra A Capella 2018–19
Representing and Communicating Intent in Human-Robot Teams Accenture 2018–19
Improving Laboratory Outcomes Using Augmented Reality Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA 2018–19
Developing Robust Cell-Counting Algorithms Fluxergy 2018–19
Journaled Objects, Blockchain and the External Source of Truth Intuit Inc. 2018–19
Host Anomaly Detection: Drawing Attention to the Needle in the Haystack New Relic 2018–19
Improving the Reading Experience Through Always-on Eye Tracking Microsoft Corporation 2018–19
Automating Identification of Factors that Lead to Low-Yield in Semiconductor Manufacturing Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business 2018–19
RACECAR for Education MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2018–19
Interpreting Image Streams in Multi-Camera Systems Verkada 2018–19
Simulating and Fixing Visible Anomalies in Thermal Inkjet Printing with Machine Learning HP Inc. 2018–19
Ground-Based Localization Within Satellite Images MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2018–19
Associating Attacks with Actors Proofpoint Inc. 2018–19
Wood Veneer Classification and Cataloguing for Finished Product Steelcase 2018–19
An All-Audiences Interface for Algorithmic Data Analysis and Exploration Booz Allen Hamilton 2018–19
Reviewing Code Reviews Google 2018–19