Mathematics Research

Research in the mathematical sciences and is an essential part of the Mathematics program at Harvey Mudd. Every Mudd student completes a year-long investigative senior capstone project — either a senior research thesis or a Clinic project. In addition to the senior capstone project, many students do research during the summer.

Summer Research Program

We have a strong track record of supporting students to work on research during the summer, either on campus or through a network of Research for Undergraduate Experience sites. These research experiences help students experience the authentic mathematical problem-solving in a variety of fields, explore how mathematics research might fit into their future career plans, and expand their network of mentors and collaborators.

Overview and General Information

During the beginning of the spring semester, research projects associated with our department will be posted at Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

All mathematics faculty maintain active research programs in a wide range of fields. Here is a brief list of faculty research interests; for more information see individual faculty web pages.