Mathematics in the Common Core

At Harvey Mudd College, all students take at least two semesters of mathematics, regardless of their major. These two semesters are known as the Common Core mathematics courses.

Core Courses

For the classes entering Fall 2022 and beyond, the two semesters are

  1. [acalog-link id=”7461″]MATH019 HM – Calculus[/acalog-link]
  2. [acalog-link id=”7466″]MATH073 HM – Linear Algebra[/acalog-link]

[acalog-link id=”7292″]MATH055 HM – Discrete Mathematics[/acalog-link], [acalog-link id=”7467″]MATH082 HM – Differential Equations[/acalog-link], and other math courses are often taught during Summer Math.

For more detailed placement information, see Core Math Placement.