Mathematics in the Common Core

At Harvey Mudd College, all students take at least three semesters of mathematics (consisting of six half courses), regardless of their major. These three semesters are known as the Common Core mathematics courses.

Core Courses

For all classes, the three semesters are

  1. Mathematics 30G or Mathematics 30B: Calculus, fall, first half;
  2. Mathematics 35: Probability and Statistics, fall, second half;
  3. Mathematics 40: Introduction to Linear Algebra, spring, first half;
  4. Mathematics 45: Introduction to Differential Equations, spring, second half;
  5. Mathematics 60: Multivariable Calculus, and Mathematics 65: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra II, two final half-semester classes.

Math 30B or 30G and Math 35, 40, and 45 are normally taken in your first year. Math 60 and 65 are either taken in your second year or as part of Summer Math.

For more detailed course descriptions and placement information, seeĀ Core Math Placement.

This structure allows us to

  1. Return to key subject matter and applications several times at increasingly more sophisticated levels
  2. Introduce important mathematical concepts from discrete mathematics, linear algebra, differential equations, and probability and statistics into the first year
  3. Provide a calculus-based introduction to probability and statistics for all first-year students
  4. Integrate topics and examples with other first- and second-year courses in the Core, especially those in physics, chemistry, and systems engineering
  5. Make it easier for students with a strong introduction to certain mathematical ideas to be placed more accurately into modules that fit their preparation

The integrated Calculus and Linear Algebra course (Mathematics 30B or Mathematics 30G) allows these related topics to flow seamlessly together. The calculus component is advanced and covers multivariable material. To compensate for the diminished review of single-variable calculus, we have implemented web-based calculus tutorials that are available to students during the summer before they enroll and that should be completed early in your first semester.

For more detailed course descriptions and placement information, seeĀ Core Math Placement.