Mathematics Capstone Experience: Thesis or Clinic

Mathematics majors at Harvey Mudd complete a year-long senior capstone research experience, which can take the form of either a Senior Thesis or a Clinic project. Typically, each February, all students who have the option/requirement of doing their capstone experience with the Mathematics Department will be asked to fill out a survey about their preferences for their capstone experience. With a Senior Thesis, the student works closely with a faculty advisor on a mathematical research project of mutual interest. With a Clinic project, a team of students work with a faculty advisor and corporate liaison(s) to tackle a real-world problem proposed by an industry sponsor. The joint math-CS major requires you to take Clinic, but everyone else should look at the websites for Clinic and Thesis to help you consider your options. Capstone experiences involve a sustained effort to pursue mathematical research or solve a complex problem using applied mathematical tools.