Regular Decision International Applicants

Instructions and Deadlines

Below are the financial aid instructions and deadlines for international students applying to Harvey Mudd Regular Decision who want to be considered. The CSS Profile is required to be considered for Harvey Mudd College need-based grant assistance. Students whose home country prohibits them from filing the online CSS Profile are able to submit the International Student Application for Financial Assistance (PDF) in lieu of the CSS Profile directly to the Harvey Mudd College Office of Financial Aid.

Deadline: February 1

College Board’s 2023-2024 CSS Profile (Code: 4341). Include your email address on the CSS Profile so we can contact you, if needed.

Deadline: February 15

Submit the following documents to the College Board Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC):

  • International Student Financial Certification (PDF)
  • Signed 2021 official foreign tax return with English translation.
  • Bank statements ending December 31,2022 to verify cash, saving, checking and investment accounts for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31).
  • Consolidated Brokerage Statement (for Stocks and Bonds) ending December 31, 2022.
  • Other documentation as requested by the Office of Financial Aid.