Hiring Forms and Direct Deposit

Students who have not yet worked on campus will need to obtain a job through Handshake or see the individual department payroll supervisor. Your supervisor will submit a personnel action form to the Human Resources Office to initiate onboarding so that the student may complete employment forms electronically.

Among the documents needed to work on campus is the federal Employment Eligibility Verification form (USCIS Form I-9). To complete this form, those interested in working must bring to campus and present specific documents that prove citizenship. View a complete list of these documents.

Direct Deposit

Harvey Mudd College is now offering electronic direct deposit to FWS and non-FWS students. A net paycheck may be deposited in any financial institution that participates in the automated clearing house (ACH) system. Electronic direct deposit only applies to regular payroll runs. Payments processed outside of a regular payroll run will generate an actual paycheck. To participate, follow the instructions on the Student Payroll page or complete the direct deposit authorization form, attach a voided check to the direct deposit authorization form and submit to:

Chi Herrington
Human Resources Associate
Human Resources Office
Kingston Hall, Room 123


Claremont University Consortium (CUC)
Payroll Department
Office of Financial Services
101 S. Mills Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Before the electronic direct deposit will begin, your bank account must be verified. You will receive an actual paycheck until the electronic direct deposit has been activated, which may take one or more pay periods. Once your account has been activated, you will receive a payroll advice form as your earnings report and acknowledgement of the deposit.

Should you need to change your account number or financial institution, it is your responsibility to notify the Harvey Mudd Student Human Resources Associate or the CUC Payroll Department by submitting a new direct deposit enrollment authorization form. As funds must be returned by the bank before a replacement check can be issued, failure to notify the payroll department of a change may cause a delay in receiving your paycheck. A direct deposit enrollment authorization form is also required if you decide to cancel your direct deposit. Please contact the business affairs coordinator if you should have any questions or concerns about the electronic direct deposit program.