Sustainability Club

Of all the numerous and exciting events always taking place at Mudd, the club fairs at the beginning of the semester were probably some of my favorites. Although I did sign up for way too many mailing lists, most of the clubs were super intriguing, one of those being the Sustainability Club. I initially thought […]

HSA Concentrations: Religious Studies

Today’s post on HSA concentrations is a conversation with Tanis Nielsen, a senior who is concentrating in Religious Studies. How did you pick Religious Studies as your concentration? In the summer after my freshman year, I was doing some summer classes. I did abstract algebra, and I did Prof. Dyson’s class on evolution and Christianity […]

Fun October Events on Campus

You probably already know that it’s fall. The days are a little shorter, the temperatures are a little cooler, and maybe the leaves are turning pretty colors where you live. The weeks have flown by and it’s already November. It’s the height of college app season and midterms, but it’s also the perfect time right […]

Exploring the Libra Complex

Welcome back prospective Mudders! As a first-year student at Mudd, I have to admit that there are still several places on campus that I have yet to visit. So far, I have been very impressed with all of the facilities at Mudd. This is why I thought you might enjoy joining me on my first […]

HSA Concentrations: Dance

Today’s HSA concentration highlight is a conversation with Kaanthi Pandhigunta, a senior who is concentrating in dance. How did you pick your concentration? I’ve been dancing for a long time, just like in my life. Initially, I thought I would be a politics concentration, or government, or something. But then I just took one dance […]

[Y HMC?] Ruby Peterman

Hello Blog-goers! My name is Ruby Peterman and I am a current sophomore here at Harvey Mudd College. I’m from Hollis Maine but this year, I am a resident of Case Dorm. While I have yet to declare my major or HSA concentration (Harvey Mudd students can wait until the end of their sophomore year […]

Alumni Weekend

From October 21-23, Harvey Mudd alumni were invited back to campus to celebrate Alumni Weekend!  Friday begun the festivities with the Welcome Reception with Academic Departments on Strauss Plaza. There were color coded tables for the different departments: Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts, Biology, Engineering, Math, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics. This was a […]

HSA Concentrations: Classics

Today’s blog on HSA concentrations is a conversation with Helen Chaffee, a senior with a concentration in classics. How did you pick your concentration? I took Latin for about seven years before college. I started taking Latin in middle school. To be honest, the reason why is arbitrary–I had a foreign language requirement and Latin […]

Self-reported Test Scores and other Testing updates

[Note: This post was originally published on November 7, 2017 and has been updated for the 2023 application process.] Harvey Mudd started accepting self-reported test scores in November 2017 for students applying for first-year and transfer admission. We made this change in our policy in order to alleviate some of the stress and cost of […]