Faculty Profile: Professor of Mathematics Arthur Benjamin

Professor Arthur T. Benjamin is a mathematician and magician who has been in Harvey Mudd’s Math Department since 1989, where he currently occupies the position of the Smallwood Family Professor of Mathematics. He graduated in applied mathematics with highest honors at Carnegie Mellon University in 1983 and received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences at Johns […]

Club Highlight: PRISM

To most, A prism is a triangular piece of glass or plastic that takes in white light and bends it, producing a rainbow on the other side. At Mudd, People Respecting Identities and Sexualities at Mudd (PRISM) is a student organization that supports Mudd’s queer community by providing opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to […]

Ask a Mudder: PE Classes, Dorm Culture, and Places to do Homework!

What PE classes have you taken? “I’ve taken Basketball Skills and Conditioning at CMC – I love playing basketball so it’s lots of fun! I’ve also taken Intro. to Ballroom Dance at Pomona. Learning to dance and getting credit for it was great!” “Soccer, and it was a really fun time” “I ran cross country […]

Behind the Scenes at the Hoch

A large cake frosted white with strawberries on top

Sure, classes, teachers, and all that matter: but no one can forget about food! Here at Harvey Mudd College, students eat at the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons, a privilege students take very seriously—often lining up 30 minutes before the Hoch opens to be the first to eat! Yesterday, I talked to Miguel Ruvalcaba, the general manager […]

Meet the Tour Guides: Kaya

Hello! My name is Kaya and I’m a junior engineering major at Mudd. I originally heard about Harvey Mudd because my mom went to another one of the Claremont colleges, but growing up all I knew about Mudd was that it was the STEM school of the Claremont colleges. Once I visited, I realized there […]

Ask a Mudder: Food on Campus and “Mudd Moments”

Where are the best snacks on campus? “The answer to this question is highly dependent on the time of day. During the day, my favorite place to find snacks is deep within the Libra Complex, the system of interconnected basement levels where Mudd has many of its labs and clinic spaces. In the center of […]

Mudd Culture in a Nutshell

Hello, prospective Mudders!  While I’m still a freshman at Mudd, the past few months that I’ve spent here and the stories that I’ve heard from upperclassmen and professors has helped me build a sense of what Mudd’s culture is. It became one of my favorite things about Mudd! Between the many cool stories I could […]

Mudd Reflections With Elise

The story of how I learned about Harvey Mudd actually stems from my older brother’s interest in engineering. My family went to look at colleges on a break from school and I remember showing up to Harvey Mudd and being so excited about how the students seemed to genuinely enjoy attending the college. My brother […]

How Mudd Has Changed Over the Past 30 Years

Having been founded in 1955, Harvey Mudd is still a relatively new college. But it certainly still has significant traditions and fun stories from the past. In fact, Mudd’s history has a lot of character. And while some parts of HMC haven’t changed since that founding date, other parts have—quite a bit! I compared the […]