Understanding Your Package

Admitted students who have applied for financial aid will receive either a tentative or official Financial Aid Package shortly after receiving their offer of admission.

The Package contains information about your financial aid eligibility, including your cost of attendance, the types and amounts of funds you are eligible to receive (scholarships, loans, work study), your rights and responsibilities regarding financial aid, how to notify us of any additional funds you are receiving and how to accept/decline/reduce any of the funds you have been packaged.

The type of Package received will depend on the completeness of your financial aid application.

Tentative Financial Aid Package

You may receive a tentative Financial Aid Package if the information you supplied is incomplete. Tentative aid is based upon the estimated information provided to the Office of Financial Aid at the time of packaging.

More information is required to verify application data prior to issuing an official Financial Aid Package. Additional information might include: signed and completed copies of your and your parents’ federal tax forms for the prior year, a completed or corrected FAFSA using the IRS data retrieval process, an IRS tax return transcript, or additional tax forms for corporations or partnerships.

The aid listed on the tentative Financial Aid Package is not final. It will not be credited to your student account and may be adjusted after we receive your additional information.

Only incoming first-year students may receive a tentative Financial Aid Package.  Continuing students will receive only their official Financial Aid Package after all required information is received.

Official Financial Aid Package

Once we have received all the information required to verify your financial aid, we will send you an official Financial Aid Package. You may receive this after you have responded to a tentative Financial Aid Package, or it could be your first notification of aid eligibility. After you receive an official Financial Aid Package, you should complete all forms and master promissory notes (MPNs) for the student and/or parent loans that you are accepting from your Financial Aid Package. You must indicate the loan(s) you want to modify or decline in the “Request changes” section of your Financial Aid Package.

Only aid from an official or revised Financial Aid Package will be credited to your student account.

Revised Financial Aid Package

Once you have received an official Financial Aid Package, revisions may be needed if you received an outside scholarship, your cost of attendance has changed, additional funds have been approved or you’ve decided to decline your Package.

Any changes or additions to a Financial Aid Package will be reflected on a Revised Financial Aid Package. Revisions are sent throughout the year, as necessary. If required, a signed copy of your Revised Financial Aid Package must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid by the deadline specified or within 10 days of receipt.