Outside Scholarships

Scholarships and awards from private donors, civic organizations, corporations, foundations or other group are considered outside awards. If you receive an outside award, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid so that your financial aid can be adjusted accordingly. Students are eligible to reduce need-based student loans and/or Federal Work-Study funds with outside scholarship funds dollar-for-dollar. In certain situations, Harvey Mudd College may be required to reduce need-based Harvey Mudd Scholarship if total financial aid exceeds federally calculated need, or if the sum of all scholarships received exceeds the cost of attendance.

Once you have been notified that you are a recipient of any outside scholarship, send the following information to the Office of Financial Aid:

  • Scholarship name
  • Awarding agency name
  • Scholarship amount
  • Renewal information
  • Whether the outside scholarship check is paid to the student or Harvey Mudd College

You can notify us in three different ways:

  • Using the “Request Changes:” section on your signed Financial Aid Package
  • Emailing financial_aid@hmc.edu
  • Sending a copy of the scholarship notification letter

Once Harvey Mudd receives written notification, the outside award will be placed on your student account as “pending” aid. Keep in mind that this pending aid will be removed if the outside scholarship check is not received by Harvey Mudd College by October 15 (for the fall semester) or March 15 (for the spring semester). The total amount of the outside award will be split evenly between the fall and spring semesters unless the Office of Financial is notified by the awarding agency to do otherwise.

For additional information about obtaining outside scholarships, please visit our Outside and Private Awards page.