Scheduling and Wages

To ensure that school remains the top priority, your on-campus employment is subject to a few regulations:

  • You may work a maximum of eight hours per day and 20 hours per week.
  • You cannot work more than one job at a given time.
  • You cannot work during hours you are scheduled to be in class.
  • You cannot work more than five consecutive days in one pay week (Saturday – Friday)

If you were awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS), it is important to keep track of the number of hours you work. Over the school year, you may not earn more than your maximum earning limit as reflected on your Financial Aid Award Letter. Once you earn the amount you were awarded, you must stop working under FWS immediately. If you work for more than one department, you must coordinate your hours to ensure you do not go over the limit.

If you want to continue working after exceeding your award amount, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if you are eligible for additional FWS funds. If you earn more than your FWS allocation, the extra amount you earned may be deducted from your other financial aid, including scholarships.

Wages and Pay Scale

Harvey Mudd has adopted the following hourly wage range per class level and skill level. Wage rates may vary for some departments:

Effective 9/1/20 – 12/31/20
Grade Level FWS Hourly Pay Rates
First-Year $13.00
Second-Year $13.25
Third-Year $13.50
Fourth-Year $13.75
Effective 1/1/21 – 8/31/21
All grade levels $14.00

Refer to the Office of Human Resources’ Student Employment page for information on using the student portal and timesheet submission.