Information for Federal Work-Study Employers

Harvey Mudd College has off-campus and on-campus departments that participate in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program. We determine FWS departments’ allocations once a year. Therefore, new allocations should be requested before June 15 for consideration for the upcoming year by submitting the FWS allocation request form to the Office of Financial Aid.

FWS off-campus departments will need to complete an off-campus FWS agreement that agrees to pay to Harvey Mudd College at least 30 percent of the total compensation paid to each student participant in the FWS Program and to complete the job description form and submit both to the Office of Financial Aid once a year.

FWS on-campus departments will need to update the job description form each academic year. If the job descriptions remain the same as in the previous year, inform the Office of Financial Aid.

The Office of Human Resources’ Student Employment page has more information and resources.

Useful Forms and Information