Transfer Applicants

Harvey Mudd College welcomes applications from students who are looking to transfer from a two- or four-year college or university.

Prospective students are eligible to apply as transfer students if they will have completed two or more terms of academic work (in good standing) at a recognized institution of higher learning by the academic term for which they apply.

The transfer application process is highly selective, with fewer than five applicants given admission each year.

Is Harvey Mudd College the Right Fit for You?

Harvey Mudd College and its students form a unique community. If you’re deciding whether to apply for a transfer to Harvey Mudd, consider whether the following applies to you:

  • You have completed a significant number of courses that are compatible with courses in our Common Core Curriculum regardless of your past academic experience.
  • You are interested in a well-rounded, liberal arts education. Harvey Mudd is not a pre-professional program, a technical institute or a school that allows students to specialize and take courses exclusively in a single discipline for two to three years.
  • You are willing to complete at least two years as a full time student at Harvey Mudd (this is a requirement).
  • You are interested in joining a residential campus community. Living on campus is not required, but nearly all students live on campus all four years.
  • You exhibit a genuine desire to take advantage of the Harvey Mudd and Claremont Colleges communities beyond the academic offerings.