Admission Interviews

Interviews are not an application requirement, but are highly encouraged. A written record of the 20–30 minute conversation is added to your admission file and provides an opportunity for you to add a personal touch to your application. Your interview will also connect you with someone associated with the College and gives you an opportunity to get some of your questions answered.

Updated on January 4, 2021:

  • We have concluded interviews for students applying for Fall 2021. Please keep in mind that an interview is NOT required for your application or admission to the College. It does not impact your chance for admission if you were not able to complete one.
  • For students planning to apply for Fall 2022, we will likely start offering interviews in May 2021.

Interview FAQs

When should I interview?

Interviews are offered to current or rising seniors (starting in May of your junior year) and should be completed prior to the application deadline. You should be prepared to talk about yourself, what you are looking for in a college environment/experience and why you are interested in Harvey Mudd College. If you know very little about Harvey Mudd or are still in the exploration phase of your college search, it may be too early for an interview.

What should I expect from an interview?

Admission interviews at Mudd are evaluative and informative. We are trying to learn more about you, but we try to make them feel like casual conversations. The interview becomes a part of the application, but they are not make or break.

With whom will I be interviewing?

Admission counselors, senior interns and Harvey Mudd alumni (in select cities) all contribute to interviews. Use the links to the left to find out more information about on-campus and off-campus interviews.

What should I wear? Should I bring a resume?

Some students come to the interview dressed up, which is nice but not required. Many also bring a resume—which may be helpful if you have one readily available—but it is also not required.