Global Clinic

The Mission

The mission of the Harvey Mudd College Global Clinic Program is to prepare Harvey Mudd students to engage in the practice of solving open interdisciplinary problems as a member of a team in a global context.


  • To provide students with all the benefits of the domestic Clinic experience (including teamwork, project management and design, practical research experience, professional communication and writing)
  • To prepare our students to work on international team projects with members from different countries, cultures and institutional backgrounds; with different disciplinary interests and different languages, but with a common unifying purpose and overarching project goals.


  • To foster a deeper understanding among our graduates of the culture, language and business practices of another country, and to communicate shared interests and objectives in the course of collaborative team projects.
  • To offer international sponsors a partnership role in the education of the next generation of engineering, mathematics and science graduates.
  • To benefit society by promoting international cooperation and partnerships to address the challenges of the global community.