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Platt Campus Center

January 15, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

We’re back from winter break and ready to blog! Our winter intern and tour guide, Maggie Liu put together this great blog for you. Without further ado, here’s Maggie: Hey everyone! My name is Maggie Liu, and I’m a junior engineering major. I’m spending my last two weeks of winter break interning in the Office […]

Musical Mudd II

December 12, 2014, by Calvin Leung

Author’s Note: I was heartbroken when Bailey didn’t mention the Joint Music Program at the 5Cs in her post about Mudders participating in music. Both the Claremont Concert Orchestra and Concert Choir, which are part of the Joint Music Program, have disproportionately high numbers of Mudders. Calvin Leung ‘17 Major: Mathematical Physics Activity: Chamber music (+ a capella, + Claremont Concert Orchestra). […]

Thanksgiving On-Campus, Pt. 2

December 5, 2014, by Maury Quijada

Those of you who have read my Admissions blog for a while might remember my post around last Thanksgiving, when I spent my Thanksgiving with several other friends. That feast turned out to be such a success that my friends and I (me, Jiexi, Mai, Prudence, Jessica, and Ana) decided to do the same thing this year! […]

Musical Mudd

December 1, 2014, by Bailey Meyer

Harvey Mudd College may be known as one of the top science, engineering, and mathematics schools in the nation, but there are plenty of Mudders who devote their time to musical interests. I picked a few to interview about their musical activities to get a sense of the variety of options available to partake in […]

Inner Tube Water Polo

November 18, 2014, by Bailey Meyer

From Humans versus Zombies to ITR games to campus parties, there’s never a shortage of things to do here at Mudd. However, one of my favorite things so far has got to be Inner Tube Water Polo. “What on earth is Inner Tube Water Polo?!?” you ask? Well, I am here to shed some light […]

Putting On A Clinic

November 17, 2014, by Travis

Top of the morning to ya’, It’s a chilly, sunny morning here on campus, as fall is doing its best to be taken seriously here before “winter” hits in Southern California. That being said, as someone who wears boardshorts almost every day, I didn’t necessarily appreciate the colder temperatures keeping me company on my walk […]


November 13, 2014, by Ramita Kondepudi

Mudd’s inner dorms have very defined cultures. Before coming to Mudd, I heard a lot about North and West’s crazy antics, South’s quiet nature, and East’s game culture, but often the outer dorms – Sontag, Case, Linde, and Atwood – are left out of descriptions of culture. Here’s a little insight into what Sontag is […]

Astrophotography, Airplanes, and Andromeda

November 7, 2014, by Calvin Leung

Sophomore core lab is very different than say, core physics or core chemistry lab, where following procedures, writing up results, and ultra hardcore error analysis are expected. In my core lab section, the Science of Photography, Professor Donnelly spends three hours a week with us in the lab, where we experiment and explore to our heart’s content while […]

Return of the Louch

November 5, 2014, by Calvin Leung

The Louch Rises Again Along with clocks, students, and board games, couches abound in East Lounge. So many couches, in fact, that there is little room to walk. In an attempt to rectify this crowded situation, Allison Mis ’15 and Andrew “Silver” Gibiansky ‘15 spearheaded a dorm-wide effort to summon a legendary creature from ancient […]

Painting with the President

November 3, 2014, by Bailey Meyer

Now, you might be thinking, “Wow, she got to paint with the President of the United States over the weekend?” However, I cannot truthfully say that is so. I did get to paint with an important, awesome president, though, also known as Harvey Mudd College’s own President Maria Klawe. President Klawe is an extremely cool […]

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