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Insights for future Mudd student-athletes

Good morning, afternoon or evening, prospective Mudders!  Today’s post is for those of you who plan to play on an athletic team during college. To talk about it properly, I invited some of my student-athletes friends, Hannah Dearman-So and Nithya Yeluri ‘25, who were happy to give us some insight on their experience as student-athletes […]

A Mile From Mudd

Harvey Mudd’s pretty small, so there’s no doubt you’ll be getting off campus. But what if you don’t feel like renting an Uber or getting in a car? Or what if you’re too lazy to walk even two miles? Don’t fret! Mudd has plenty of “attractions” less than a mile away—enough to satisfy your occasional […]

Faculty Profile: Professor Vosburg

Today we are featuring a conversation with Professor David Vosburg from Harvey Mudd’s Chemistry Department! How long have you taught at Mudd? I’ve taught at Mudd since 2005, with a sabbatical year in England in 2013-14 and in Mexico 2018-19. Which classes do you teach regularly, and which are you teaching right now? I regularly […]

Research at Mudd: HEATlab

One of my favorite things about Mudd is just how easy it is to get involved in research! I’ve done two summers of research in the computer science department so far and will be doing a third at the end of this semester – which I am very excited about. Typically, research done during the […]

Club Highlight: Spectrum Yearbook

Hello, prospective Mudders! For most Mudders, extracurricular activities are still a good part of our busy routines, with students having access to a large range of clubs. From sportive and political clubs to the Chocolate Society (one of my favorites), there are about 50 Mudd-only clubs and more than 200 clubs from the Claremont Colleges […]

Office of Institutional Diversity Feature: “I’m A First” – What does that mean at a small elite liberal arts college?

Last year, Harvey Mudd was selected to be a part of the 2021–2022 First-gen Forward cohort along with other selected colleges and universities. Since this designation, HMC has taken part in multiple professional development workshops and community-building experiences aimed at supporting Harvey Mudd’s first-gen students. Today we are featuring a collaborative blog written by members […]

Parent to Parent: Why Mudd?

[Note: This post was originally published on April 17, 2020 and has been updated for the 2022 application process.] As the parent of a Mudd junior, I remember my son’s delight when he read the email saying he was accepted to HMC! He was ecstatic, jumping up and down about his acceptance. His reaction was […]

Mudders Having Fun: Spring Break

We have made it to the second half of the semester, and projects, studying for finals, and preparations for next year are all well underway. However, the spring semester comes with a built in break before the final weeks, which Mudders use in a variety of ways. I spent my Spring Break mostly on campus […]

The Cafe at Mudd

We’ve all heard great things about the Hoch. Mudders are lucky to have such great meals on campus—but what about when they’re hungry between meals? Introducing Mudd’s own Cafe. Let’s say I have an 8 a.m. class, and it’s a Monday. I’m not exactly the most energetic person, and caffeine is high on my wishlist. […]