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Pro tips for ASP

April 10, 2015, by Calvin Leung

**The following tips are from a former prospective student who attended ASP, and do not represent the official opinions of the admission office** 3. Bring long pants. For the last two years, the weather at ASP has been overcast. Mother nature likes trolling prospective students–most of the time, the weather is balmy with a cloudless […]

Why Mudd?

April 9, 2015, by Emma

First of all, congratulations to everyone admitted into the class of 2019! We realize that you all have some difficult decisions ahead, and we hope to see many of you at our Admitted Student Program this coming weekend. In the spirit of decision season, I thought I’d ask a few current students (and myself) about […]

Pranks on You!

April 8, 2015, by Travis

Howdy y’all, Harvey Mudd College is infamous for its pranking prowess on a grand scale. In 1986, a group of Harvey Mudd students pulled off the impossible, posing as a construction crew and stealing CalTech’s famous cannon, transporting it back to Harvey Mudd College. Since then, other pranks include rusting a supposedly “unrustable” sculpture, adding […]

Frequented Frosh Favorites

March 27, 2015, by Bailey Meyer

Though transitioning into college involves a lot of different aspects, like adjusting to classes, dorm life, and moving away from home, a very important part of moving to college is finding a new favorite spot, somewhere to hang out that makes you feel relaxed or happy. This week, I asked a few of my frosh friends […]

The Last Spring Break

March 23, 2015, by Travis

Hello all! It’s been awhile. I have to profess I let senioritis get to me a bit on top of other commitments, but I’m back and ready to go after spring break! In the interest of holding on to the last shreds of my spring break (and talking about all of the great things that […]

Today is the day.

March 20, 2015, by Thyra

Today is the day. At 5:15 pm PDT, we will be releasing our decisions.  Technically we have been recruiting the Harvey Mudd College Class of 2019 for years, ever since some of you checked that magical box on your PSAT’s saying that you were willing to receive mail from colleges. And today is the day we have […]

Pumping Mudd’s Artbeat

March 18, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

HMC is buzzing with excitement as we are in the midst of spring break and getting ready to release decisions for the Class of 2019! First-year Zayra Lobo took some time out of her spring break to share her experiences with the arts at HMC. Without further ado, here’s Zayra! Hello, World! I’m Zayra Lobo, […]


March 13, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

Even though Mudd students have incredibly busy schedules, we still have the time to relax, spend time with friends, and take a break. The Ronald and Maxine Linde Activities Center (LAC), has a gym, game room, aerobics room, weight room (with gym equipment free for all students), relacsation room (with a massage chair and library!), lounge area, […]

5C Focus: The Motley

March 13, 2015, by Emma

With all the classes, work, and events on campus, sometimes it’s easy to get off Mudd and explore the other colleges. Scripps, land of beautiful architecture and plentiful flowers, is located right across the street from our dear, warty Mudd. The campus is filled with good study spots and leisure areas, but one of the […]

It’s hammer time!

March 6, 2015, by Bailey Meyer

Welcome to the world of E4, also known as Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing. For anyone who wants to major in engineering at Mudd, this is a class you have to take (that’s not a sales pitch, folks, it’s actually required). The class consists of projects that build teamwork skills and technical ability, including […]

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